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Conrad is a crowd-sourced pricing platform that collects patient receipt data along with comments about the strain purchased and dispensary visited. With this data Conrad’s team of pricing analysts work to get prices more affordable for the NJ Medicinal Marijuana patients.

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“New Jersey has the most expensive medical marijuana in the country! That's not fair to the many patients who rely on it everyday.”


Scan Your Receipt and We Do the Rest!

Here’s how it works. Patients make a purchase at their local ATC (Alternative Treatment Center), scan their receipt into the app, and our pricing experts do the rest! The data will be analyzed and utilized to improve cannabis shopping experience for patients in NJ. As Conrad’s user base grows, so will the value of the data shared with patients.  Simply put, the more users, the better!

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Get to Know Conrad

Get to know your Cannabis pricing buddy

Conrad is your friendly and dependable cannabis pricing buddy. He likes long walks on the beach, Italian food, puppies, and most importantly helping out his friends! He’s pretty much your go-to-guy for all things cost-related in the medical marijuana space.

Conrad is likeable and easy-going and wants everyone to be his friend. As long as you download the Conrad app, you guys are sure to get along!

Even the friendliest of guys get angry sometimes. So, what makes Conrad upset? Well, beside off-key opera singers and bad Italian food, the expensive price of medical cannabis in the state of New Jersey! In fact, it made him so mad he had to do something about it!

He’s doing it by employing the help of the people he trusts most—his friends! Once you’ve downloaded the Conrad app, you will be encouraged to take a photo of your receipt anytime you make a medical cannabis purchase at an Alternative Treatment Center (ATC). As you and other patients, who are all friends of Conrad’s, share that information from the ATCs you’ve visited, he’ll put that data together to help you make informed decisions on where to buy your medical cannabis. After all, Conrad is a numbers guy, and nothing makes him happier than helping his friends find the most cost-effective means of purchasing the medication they need.

Given that Conrad is such a friendly guy, you’d think he wants more friends than just those who live in one state, right? That’s right! Conrad would love to expand his circle of friends to include the entire country, but he’s a smart guy and wants to start close to home first. That being said, he’s looking forward to gaining friends across the U.S. in the near future!

Of course not! Conrad is the definition of a renaissance man and more is on the horizon! He will soon be providing coupons and offerings from your local ATC, in addition to creating an online community where your voice can be heard as you share your joys and frustrations about ATC cannabis pricing, product quality, and efficacy. Conrad is always looking for new ways to innovate and grow; and he wants you along for the journey!


Features Coming Soon!

Conrad wants to make your cannabis shopping experience as spectacular as possible! With that said there are many features he plans to roll out, here are a few of them.

Patient Insights

Medicinal Cannabis is expensive right now and until Conrad helps get it lowered he plans to show patients where to get the best prices for the products they need.

Dispensary insights

Sometimes the closest dispensary isnt the best option for you. Conrad will layout all the benefits of each dispesary so you can make an informed decision on which dispensary to make your home.

Cannabis Expense Tracking

Conrad will soon keep track of all cannabis purchases so that at any given moment you'll know just how much your spending.

Efficacy/ Quality Monitoring

It sucks purchasing something that doesn't work the way you want it or isn't the quality you expected. So Conrad will help by allowing patients to rate product efficacy and see what fellow patients have rated products they are using. Additionally, patients will be able to share harvest information to help each other avoid buying from a bad batch.


Download the app

We’re excited about changing the medical marijuana landscape in New Jersey! The app is available for both android and iOS devices. Here’s to making Conrad your Cannabis Pricing Buddy! DOWNLOAD TODAY!

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